Siphonic Roof Drainage

KEIDEL Software for Architects and Engineers

Shift to this New and GREEN Technology – Material Savings of 60% while Protecting the Environment:

Easy To Learn And Simple To Use
The KEIDEL software is easy to learn and simple to use and therefore suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

Engineer Max Weinfurtner said: “We needed less than 10 minutes for a pipe system with 8 roof drains.”

Use the proven KEIDEL software and become independent.
Waiting for the calculations to come from the manufacturer will be a thing of the past.

Remain Competent
Siphonic Roof drainage is the standard worldwide.  Stay on the ball with the KEIDEL Software.

International orders are not a problem either because the planner version is available in German and English.  Other languages on request.


Description of the KEIDEL Software

Suitable for Different Pipe Systems
You can calculate an unlimited number of different pipe systems. To do this, you only need the inside and outside diameters and the permitted operation pressure.

Which Roof Drains Can You Use?
You will enter only the following product data: Flow capacity, zeta value, inside and outside diameters as well as length of the connecting pipe.

Rainfall Data
You can enter the local rain data in the software, wherever in the world a project may be located.

Company logo, full company name and address.

Parts lists
The parts lists contain the calculated dimensions of the pipes, fittings and drains without prices. Missing details may be added to the Excel export parts list, if required.

Excel Export Interface
If you need the Excel Export Interface, then the PREMIUM version is the right choice for you.

Work neutrally or with brand products!
You can adapt different suitable drainage products, i. e. you can calculate with company-neutral product data or with data of brand products. For pipes, the calculations are performed using the inside diameter. For drains simply enter the specific product data.

CAD Export interface as DXF Format
Now the KEIDEL Software has an export interface as DXF format. The user can make changes to the layer names and the line colours of the pipework. Example: Blue for the main drainage and Red for the emergency overflow pipework. The pipework can be imported directly into the CAD drawing as a top view.

CAD Interface
With the built-in CAD interface you can export the isometric drawing into EMF format. Surprise your customers with an isometric drawing inserted into your Word documentation. Or follow the example of our customer and import the drawing into your CAD software: Complete the drawing with additional details and the workers at the site will be thrilled!

PDF Interface
Send all print-outs simply and comfortably with the built-in PDF interface!

World Champion in Speed and Performance
Only a few clicks and data entries are necessary and the pipework is designed, calculated and drawn.

BBA Certification
Follow the example of our customer Maxflow and certify your version through the British Board of Agreement (BBA).


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