Siphonic Roof Drainage

CLOUD Version

KEIDEL Software for Architects and Engineers

Get Started with the Cloud Version
You just need a normal PC or laptop with Internet connection and you can calculate Siphonic Roof Drainage.

Save Money
The purchase price for the software is waived, you only pay for the use of KEIDEL software.

You Save Time
No installation, no updates, no maintenance on your computer.

Always Up-To-Date,
If you use the CLOUD version, you are always working with the latest version.

Worldwide Access
With your password you can calculate your projects worldwide, also on an external computer.

Market Observation
The CLOUD version is quickly ready for use: Ideal for comparison calculations with pipes of other market participants.

Compare Service
The most important pipe systems are already implemented. The pipe collection is constantly updated. Other pipe systems available on request.

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